About Candor Professional Services

CANDOR Professional Services LLC

Karen Clayton - CEO, Owner & Coach.


Do you find yourself living a double-life filled with secrets, dysfunction and shame in your alcohol or drug use? It may very well be that the use has taken a downward spiral and has begun negatively impacting your relationships, career, health and happiness. If you are struggling with thoughts of hopelessness and find yourself constantly overwhelmed, I’m here to help you find freedom in recovery!

My name is Karen Clayton and I founded CANDOR Professional Services LLC , because I am motivated to share the foundations of hope and freedom through my personal recovery journey. I aspire to utilize insight gained through years of relevant formal educational, and countless impactful connections to individuals in the field of behavioral health. CANDOR Professional Services desires to help guide individuals, couples and families along a clean path of hope away from the discouragement of navigating a world with substance abuse and mental illness.

I am inspired to understand and meet the critical need in fueling the initiatives of individuals seeking to lead a higher quality of life, rekindle purpose, reunify with families, and contribute to the development of resilient communities. I strive to provide education and services that are evidenced-based and person-centered.

Behind CANDOR Professional Services

You may be wondering what influences an individual to fall into addiction. There is no one right answer as reasons vary according to the individual. In order to best address this dilemma however, one must delve into the innermost thought process of the person in crisis, as well study their behavior. I echo a well-known sentiment that no one wakes up one morning wishing: “I think I’ll go out and get hooked on crack, or fentanyl, or meth, and add a side of alcohol! Yeah, sounds like a plan!” Though crass these words may sound, they reveal a major contributing factor to the stigma surrounding the growing disorder of substance abuse in today’s society. Consequently, the views on this epidemic grow more unmanageable and many are dying physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

I was one of the many that felt that the conditions of my life were too painful to bear sober. I gradually became more dependent on the highs of my drug of choice to dissociate from the unfolding traumatic events in my life, however boredom in the lack of fulfillment heavily followed. I set out on an educational journey to better expand my understanding around mental health, obtaining a M.A. degree in Counseling Psychology,
B.A. in Human Development and an A.A. in Psychology. Having faced a 23-year long battle with substance use, I am convinced the insights of those years of struggle, healing and enlightenment are invaluable weapons that can be used in overcoming the afflicting battle, and alleviating the pain and anguish of the many who know it is time to be whole again!

I am available to meet you where you are; I will walk alongside you to determine the very best plan necessary to see results, and to shore up the banks of your journey. My goal is to support you 100% in developing skills that will help you to thrive in your recovery plan. I am confident you will be successful because I firmly believe you are worth it!  You can began living the life that you desire. You can claim freedom from addiction!